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AHRHOFF supplies since its founding, in 1996 as Ahrens & Osterhoff GmbH in Hemer-Landhausen, entirely new concepts of animal feed associated with a broad range of advice for farmers.

Landhauser Supplemente® meet the needs of livestock, are inexpensive and based on the latest scientific studies, are constantly evolving. For our customers we offer business advice and seminars with speakers from industry and academia.
To exchange experiences with colleagues at home and abroad AHRHOFF regularly organizes field trips for its customers and interested farmers.

Landhauser Supplemente®

Landhauser Supplemente® together with expert advice from the AHRHOFF Verbundpartner, this is the compelling opportunity for the farmers.

Meanwhile, not only customers in Germany will be supplied, but also in countries such as Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Ukraine and South Africa stable customer relationships were created.

In addition to the mineral and supplement feed the AHRHOFF liquid supplements are an integral part of the product range. A plant for the production of pelleted and crumbled components was built in 2011.
For the production of forage are also effective silage preservatives available.

In the field of biogas production, the AHRHOFF fermentation increases the efficiency of the biogas plants.

The Production

Landhauser Supplemente® are produced in our factory in Bönen near Dortmund. The use of high quality and safe raw materials and the introduction of a comprehensive quality management not only secure the exceptionally high availability of natural active substances contained in our products for the animal, but also guarantees the traceability of each lot up to our customers.

In Bönen four different product lines are produced:

  • mineral supplements
  • liquid supplements
  • flake products and
  • crumbled / pelleted supplements.

The goods are delivered through a contracter forwarding directly to the customers.

Research and Development

AHRHOFF is totally committed to quality at all levels. Therefore, development, production and distribution of Landhauser Supplemente® are QS, ISO- and A-Futter certified. In addition AHRHOFF works very closely with universities, colleges and research institutes of veterinary medicine and animal nutrition.

The variety of diploma, bachelor and master theses are always incentives for innovative new products.